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Ranch Systems software provides the capability for users to set custom alerts, for things like frost, heat, low water levels, or other parameters.

One of the most critical risks to vineyards and other agribusiness is frost, but ranch managers also face the risk of heat extremes that threaten crops and field workers, risk of breakdown of irrigation systems, and other problems. Common to these conditions is the need for quick action to mitigate the risk. Minutes can mean millions.

Ranch Systems addresses these challenges with an alert system that notifies you – using voice message, text messages or email – of any of wide range of critical conditions in the field that require prompt attention.

Data is collected by sensors plugged directly into a base station or to nodes deployed miles around. Ranch managers control which specific conditions will trigger an alert and can set it up to alert employees with customizable messages. With online service, the voice messaging system is phonetically driven, so messages can be sent in any language. The system can be configured to repeatedly call multiple recipients until at least one recipient acknowledges the alert, and will note the alert recipient and time the alert was acknowledged.

For dedicated alerting applications, we also offer the inexpensive RS210-CELL product providing ultra-fast alerting direct to any phone line or by text messages, using its own built-in cellular modem.