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Remote Cameras



Remote camera capability is an add-on to any RanchMaster base station and provides still-image recording in remote locations where normal online camera solutions are unavailable or impractical. It can either be used for simple monitoring by programming it to take images every 15 min or hour, or it can be combined with motion detector or access keypad for fully-fledged access control solutions.

Images are immediately uploaded to the on-line web application, where they can be browsed by authorized users. The camera also has a short-range infra-red night illumination. Images are presented online in a calendar view, making it easy to pin point the general activity on a site at a certain time. It is ideal for progress monitoring of crop growth or construction projects, or for monitoring traffic, lifestock and a variety of other objects.

Apart from viewing images via the Ranch Systems applications, an image link can be inserted into the customer’s own website for presenting visitors with a live snapshot of the current activity at a site.

The online software also allows the creation of time-lapse videos, pulling 1 image per day into a streaming video. This is a powerful tool for visualizing historic activity after the fact, such as canopy growth, project history etc.

The RanchCam physical product consists of a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) circuit board that is mounted inside the RM210 unit, and one outdoor rated camera and mounting bracket. When ordering RanchCam along with an RM210, the DVR will already be mounted and you simply mount the camera and plug in the power and coax connector into the RM210 station.